Now Accepting orders for Laundry Delivery plan for 2021 - 2022 school year

Terms of Service


*By purchasing products from Cleaners & Dorm Essentials, you are agreeing to these terms of service.*

*By agreeing to our terms of service, customers acknowledge that they have read the linked document*


It is not the Cleaners & Dorm Essentials staff associates' responsibility to make sure customer orders are suitable for launder. Though staff may give advice from time to time, not limited to personal preferences or past experiences, it is ultimately the customer who must decide whether certain orders are fit to be laundered. Cleaners & Dorm Essentials staff reserves the right to deny certain orders based on the suitability of such items for launder procedures. This is by no means a guarantee that all Cleaners & Dorm Essentials staff will intervene and prohibit orders, but instead a notification that not all orders will be processed. Notifications of damaged orders will be accepted only up to 48 hours after the customer has received the order (After 48 hours, Cleaners & Dorm Essentials considers complaints invalid).

Cleaners & Dorm Essentials is not responsible for damage to decorative material on clothing or other items, regardless of what the tag information on the clothing or other item states about the suitability of certain cleaning procedures. Please be aware that decorative material including, but not limited to, beads, trimmings, pads, buckles, sequins, beads, belts, or buttons runs an especially high risk of damage, and Cleaners & Dorm Essentials will not compensate for the loss or damage of any of these items. Cleaners & Dorm Essentials is not responsible for cleaned orders not picked up after 60 days upon arrival at the storefront from our laundry supplier. We may charge a storage fee of $2/day after 60 days. Cleaners & Dorm Essentials reserves the right to donate all clothing not picked up after 60 days. 



All issues of reimbursement for lost or damaged orders are handled by the Cleaners & Dorm Essentials managers. In the case of a lost item, customers must provide a description that includes, but is not limited to, the item’s color, design, age, quality, and texture. In the case of a lost item, customers must provide proof of ownership and value in the form of an original receipt. With a description in mind, the Cleaners & Dorm Essentials Staff will look for the lost item. If the lost item is not found by the end of the search, the customer will be issued a reimbursement. In the case of a damaged item, the Cleaners & Dorm Essentials managers will consult with our laundry supplier to determine the reason for the damage to the item. A reimbursement is only available if the item was damaged due to the cleaning process, and not from manufacturers defects or not being suitable for the cleaning process. If reimbursement is the only course of action, the amount will be determined by the original value of the clothing minus depreciation using the Fair Claims Policy from the International Fabricare Institute.

Limits on Amount and Type

Store credit will not be refunded in cash until 90% or more of the funds are used pursuant to Massachusetts General Law Chapter 200A §5D.  The maximum amount of any reimbursement is $250 for a wash dry fold or laundry bag. It is recommended that especially delicate items be laundered individually, instead of being placed into a wash dry fold order or laundry bag. Customers are expected to be aware of the aforementioned limits on refunds.

Cleaners & Dorm Essentials is not responsible for items damaged or lost under any of the following circumstances: more than 2 months from the scheduled date of pickup have elapsed, a complaint has been filed more than 2 days after the day of pickup, or clothing which falls out of laundry bags due to the bag being overfilled or the customer failing to close the bag securely. Cleaners & Dorm Essentials is not responsible for shrinkage, fading, or damage to trimmings, pads, buckles, sequins, beads, belts, buttons, or any other decorative embellishments.



Rental Damage or Loss

Lessee shall bear the entire risk of loss or damage to their rental item from any cause whatsoever, except for manufacturer defects or loss or damage caused by HSA during the delivery and pickup of the item. The Lessee shall reimburse HSA for any and all loss or damage to the item from any cause whatsoever. If Legal action is required to recover said losses, Lessee shall reimburse HSA reasonable attorney fees. Replacement costs for loss or damage to items are as follows:

Microfridge: Missing MicroFridge Combination unit $437.00, Missing or Damaged Microwave $164.00, Missing or Damaged Refrigerator $327.00, Missing or Damaged Microwave Plate $30.00, Missing or Damaged Microwave Ring $20.00, Missing Refrigerator Shelf $12.00, Missing Ice Cube Tray $5.00, Missing Scrapper $5.00

Roomie Bed: Missing or damaged mattress: $200. Missing or damaged bed frame: $75. Missing or damaged mattress cover: $40. 

Room Changes/Moving Items

Lessee agrees not to move, remove, and/or relocate any rented items from the dorm room originally listed on the agreement without receipt of the prior written consent of Cleaners & Dorm Essentials. MicroFridge or Roomie Bed units may only be moved by Cleaners & Dorm Essentials staff, and a $40 fee will be charged to the Lessee for any and all early relocations of a MicroFridge or Roomie Bed for any reason. If any rental item has to be located because it was moved without receiving Cleaners & Dorm Essential's prior written consent, there will be a Search Fee of $40. The Late Fee for returning items after the scheduled pickup date is $40. 

Refund Policy

Laundry Plans: Refundable through September 14th 2021 with a $100 cancellation fee. 

Roomie Beds: All sales are final upon delivery of the bed to the room, unless Cleaners and Dorm Essentials and/or Harvard's administration deems the bed unsafe in your room. A $40 moving fee is charged if we are required to move the Roomie Bed for any reason.


MicroFridge: Once delivered, all sales are final. A $40 moving fee is charged if we are required to move the MicroFridge for any reason.

Water Plans: After the first delivery, all sales are final. NOTE: For the 2021-2022 academic year, water dispensers and water jugs will be moved in 8/23 and 8/24, before seniors and first-years move in but after sophomores and juniors move in.


Any and all conflicts with the aforementioned stipulations are to be resolved by the Cleaners & Dorm Essentials managers.

Any and all ambiguities in the aforementioned stipulations are to be clarified by the Cleaners & Dorm Essentials managers.

In the event of changes to these stipulations, customers will be notified no later than 24 hours before the updated version is released on the website.

Extent of Agreement

By checking the box on online orders and /or by signing below, customers agree to all stipulations written in this contract, understand the limits to the Cleaners & Dorm Essentials' liability, and understand their responsibilities as customers.

If an online order was not placed, and a box was not checked below, all customers agree to the following terms and conditions by placing orders in person.