Now Accepting orders for the 2023 - 2024 school year

Dry Cleaning

Save 10% by buying store credit online!

Cleaners & Dorm Essentials has provided Harvard students with efficient, high quality laundry and dry cleaning services for over 50 years. As students ourselves, we understand the needs of the Harvard community and take special care to meet your standards.

We provide both dry cleaning and launder & press (wash and iron) services - an absolute necessity for Harvard students. From formals and faculty dinners to interviews and other special events, never get caught off guard at a special occasion!

Before you visit, stock up on dry cleaning credits to save 10%. Not only do you get a discount, but these credits roll over – so if you don’t use up all your credits during your freshman year, you’ll have plenty of opportunities in the coming years to use them.

Here's how dry cleaning credit works. After you purchase credit online, come drop off your items for dry cleaning at our store location (69 Mt. Auburn St). When you come pick up your clean clothes, you can use your store credits to pay for the order – it's just like using a gift card!  

Purchasing these prepaid dry cleaning credits offers a 10% discount from our walk-in rates (already the most affordable in Harvard Square), as well as added convenience. Our dry cleaning plans can be used throughout the academic year, and credit does not expire.


Dry Cleaning
Clothing Item Price
Shirt $5.99
Blouse $5.99
Skirt $4.99
Pants $5.99
Jeans $5.99
2pc Suit $14.99
3pc Suit $19.99
Tuxedo (Coat & Pants) $14.99
Tuxedo 3pc $16.99
Tuxedo Shirt $5.99
Dress $11.99
Gown/Jumpsuit $19.99
Sweater $5.99
Blazer $8.99
Coat $14.99
Scarf $4.99
Tablecloth $16.99
Extra Large Tablecloth $24.99
Tie $4.99
Vest $4.99
Additional Tuxedo Piece      $2.99
Premium Coat $29.99
Premium Dress $16.99
Premium Gown $26.99
Ugg Boots $70.00
Launder and Press
Clothing Item         Price
Shirt $2.10
Boxed Shirt $2.20
Pants $3.99