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About Water Plans

Water Plans

Tap water on-campus is potable and available in dining halls, dorm bathrooms, and water fountains around campus. However, not all dorms have en-suite sinks and potable water is often flights of stairs away. Save your time and energy; instead of walking to the convenience stores in Harvard Square, put your trust in us. Staying hydrated should be the last thing you have to worry about.

Here's a breakdown of the services we offer:

Water Bottle Delivery


Not all dorms have in-suite sinks. In some, the nearest water fountain is several floors away. Avoid tiresome runs up and down stairs—or to the convenience store—and have your water delivered right to your door instead. We offer deliveries of either one case of 24 bottles or two cases of 24 bottles per month. From our experience, most students need the two-case option, which two cases of 24 500mL bottles every month.



Water Jug Delivery and 
Cooler Rental


A more eco-friendly option, this water cooler plan includes both cold and hot water. Cure that craving with a bowl of mac n’ cheese, get that caffeine boost with a cup of Joe, and reduce your carbon footprint with a refillable water bottle. The best part: if you miss breakfast at the d-hall, you can start your morning with a healthy bowl of oatmeal.

Like the cases, water jugs (five gallons each) are delivered during the first week of each month. Once you receive the cooler, however, it’s yours to use for the entire academic year.

Sparkling Water Delivery


Tired of regular water? Sparkle up your school year with a little splash of sophistication. Our selection of sparkling water is available in plain, orange, lemon, lime, black cherry, and raspberry-lime flavors.

Deliveries occur during the first week of each month, and cases include 24, 0.5L bottles.






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