Silver Package


With our Silver Package you, dear Harvard student, have hit the jackpot. It includes:

  • a Medium laundry plan with delivery
  • a water cooler and 2 jugs per month, delivered to your door

  • a MicroFridge

  • $100 of dry cleaning credit.

The water cooler allows you to have both hot and cold water year-round for those late-night mac-n-cheese cravings and cold post-run bottles of water.

The Silver Plan amounts to savings of $388.

*All products are priced for the 2020-2021 academic year.*

To begin using the laundry service, visit the HSA Cleaners Store on 69 Mt. Auburn St where a Sales Associate will instruct you how to request pickups each week.

Water will be delivered between the 5th and 10th of each month. 

MicroFridges will be delivered in mid September.

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