MicroFridge Rental [DUMMY]

The MicroFridge is the only safe, and College approved appliance for dorm rooms, including a refrigerator, freezer, microwave, and charging port. It passes the Harvard College safety test in power surge prevention by shutting off the refrigerator while the microwave is in use, using its unique Safe Plug Technology. The MicroFridge will be delivered at the beginning of the year, and picked up at the end of the year. Our high-touch customer service team guarantees maintenance and replacement of the appliance by our dedicated team.


 Make Harvard feel like home with appliances that ensure your comfort and safety—our MicroFridge, with the only microwave allowed on campus, has your back. The HSA MicroFridge is the only MicroFridge on the market that passes Harvard College’s safety test. The dual-appliance design prevents dangerous surges in dorm rooms.


This one appliance is a combination refrigerator, freezer, microwave, and charging station. Don’t worry about lugging the MicroFridge up the stairs of your dorm either - we deliver it to your dorm at the start of the year.

The MicroFridge is great for late-night snackers, health conscious students, or anyone looking for an easy way to store and cook food in their dorm. Keep leftovers from your late-night trips to get waffles or Chinese food in the square fresh for tomorrow’s enjoyment instead of making another trek in the cold Boston winter to satisfy your hunger.

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