Medium Laundry Plan

This plan includes two loads of laundry a week for the fall and spring semesters with drop-off and pick-up at our conveniently located store at 69 Mount Auburn St. Students pick up their folded laundry two days after they drop it off. From our experience, this best suits most students' lifestyle needs. For example, you can wash your clothes and sheets in the same week instead of making the hard choice of either wearing that kind-of-smelly-but-not-that-smelly sweater again or sleeping with dirty sheets.

Have a large wardrobe or an active lifestyle? Check out our Heavy Plan, which features 3 pickups per week.

Want to get clean laundry without leaving your room? Explore our Delivery Plans, which include door to door service.

To begin using the service, visit the HSA Cleaners Store on 69 Mt. Auburn St where a Sales Associate will instruct you how to use your new service.

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