Roomie Bed Rental Terms of Service

Installation Instructions and Process

  1. On August 28th, your bed extension will be delivered to your room, along with an identification slip for your bed (the identification slip will be used to indicate what bed the extension will be installed on).
  2. By 8am on September 3rd, remove all sheets and items from your bed, and place the identification slip on your bare twin mattress.
  3. Be sure to move all materials that were delivered on August 28th directly next to your bed frame, so that they can be easily located and accessed by the installation crew.
  4. Beds will be installed in the room on September 3rd by an HSA installation crew.


  1. Under no circumstances is the customer to self-install the bed – this is in direct violation of our terms of service and University safety standards.
  2. If the bed is damaged upon delivery, the customer must promptly notify HSA within one week of installation for replacement at HSA’s expense. If notified within one week, HSA will replace the bed; if not, the bed will be presumed free of defect and non-replaceable at HSA’s expense.
  3. Customer shall be responsible for any damage to any part of the Rental Property (normal wear and tear expected).
  4. All sales are final upon delivery of the bed to the room, unless HSA and administration deems the bed unsafe in your room.
  5. In the case that the student has not followed the instructions as stated above, installation will be postponed.
  6. If the student plans to move in later than September 2nd, they should contact HSA at Installation will be moved to a later date.

Additional Very Important Notes

  1. Please consider the space that you have in your room prior to purchasing the bed. We recommend that you have a single or a very large double. We cannot install in a bunked room. If access to floor plans is available prior to move in, please review what space is available in the room.
  2. All sales are final upon delivery to your room except in the case that the bed causes safety concerns or there is not sufficient space for installation or the customer’s bed is bunked.
  3. Be sure to review our terms of service and instructions. These have important details regarding action that must be taken in order to guarantee the installation of your bed.
  4. If you are housed in a suite and know which specific room you will be using, indicate as such in the notes section of the order. 
  5. The bed does not come with sheets, so be sure to purchase full XL-sized sheets on your own.
  6. Please be sure to submit your room number in the notes.

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