COVID-19 Policy

CDE is committed to continue providing essential laundry, dorm essential services to customers, and employment opportunities for students this academic year. The COVID-19 pandemic has meant we have made certain adjustments to our storefront policies, and product offerings to keep public health in mind for the community we serve. Please read the following FAQ to read the steps CDE is taking:

How are your 69 Mount Auburn St. storefront policies changing?

The storefront will be open for the 2020-21 academic year to provide dry cleaning, and pick-up, drop-off laundry services to the Harvard campus, and Cambridge community. The storefront will be adhering to strict cleaning standards, and social distancing policies to ensure public health and safety. 

All surfaces will be cleaned and sanitized consistently during opening hours, with regular deep cleaning whilst the store is closed. We will be requiring all customers, staff, and vendors to wear masks, with plexiglass installed in the store. Occupancy limits and social distancing guidelines will also be enforced. 

What are your new opening hours?

We will be operating on a reduced schedule of 10am to 3pm, Monday through Friday rather than our regular hours. This will still give our customers appropriate time to pick-up, and drop-off their laundry and dry cleaning. 

Certain products are not being offered this year, why is this?

Laundry and Dry Cleaning:

Harvard University policy for the Fall 2020 semester states that students and outside vendors have restricted access to on-campus residencies. As such, CDE cannot offer its regular water cooler service, or door-door pick-up and delivery laundry to its customers. 

All laundry and dry cleaning will now only be available in a pick-up and drop-off capacity from our 69 Mount Auburn St. storefront. Laundry and dry cleaning services still operate under the usual 48 hour turnaround so long as it is dropped off before 12pm that day. Tracking of laundry bag status will still operate through our updated Clothespin app. 

Water Services:

As above with delivery laundry service, outside vendors are restricted from accessing Harvard dormitories, as such, we will not be offering our water cooler delivery service to students. 


Harvard Student Agencies has agreed a strategic partnership with Harvard University to provide MicroFridge units to students studying on-campus in undergraduate dormitories this semester for the 2020-21 academic year. As units are already being provided as part of our strategic partnership, CDE will not be offering MicroFridge units to our customers. 

Other Dorm Essentials:

CDE will be still offering lamps, fans, and other dorm essential needs. All of these products will be offered as pick-up and drop-off from the storefront. Visit our More Essentials page to find out more.

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