Let’s face it: those midnight cravings won’t solve themselves. You’re in pajamas, just about ready to go to bed, and the last thing you want to do is change and go out into Harvard Square to grab a quick bite to eat.

The MicroFridge solves that problem, among many others. Easily store and warm up leftovers from your night out with friends. Keep drinks cool even as the Boston winter gives way to a much warmer spring. Come back after a run on the Charles to fresh, cool water in the comfort of your room.

The MicroFridge provides an ample amount of space to store everything from Tupperware to fruit to dozens of water bottles. Additionally, it’s the only microwave appliance allowed in on-campus dorms, which makes it a must-have item for all students.

The MicroFridge comes equipped with a fridge, freezer (for those Ben & Jerry’s ice cream pints, amirite?), microwave, and two outlets to charge your electronic devices. In other words, it’s a one-stop-shop for all your needs.

If you’re worried about getting the MicroFridge into your dorm, you don’t have to. HSA Cleaners and Dorm Essentials will deliver it right into your dorm!

The preorder deadline has passed. Any orders placed as of August 29th will be delivered by the end of September. 

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